De Cans Cans is an advanced environmental focus company promoting an eco-friendly paper straw. Our commitment to sustainability forms the foundation of De Cans Cans, growing company and offer guidance for the way forward.


Shift to sustainable raw material

Every raw material goes into manufacturing De Cans Cans products is assessed for its impact on the environment.

Avoid excess pollution

Minimize the potential environmental impact of our operation through responsible practices.
 Our employees are our most valuable asset, and their contribution are critical to our success

 Encourage our people and communities to aware of issues on sustainable development.

 Provide a workplace is safe, healthy, and caring for our people by promoting environmental protection, sustainable renewable and social contribution.

 We are friendly to open a dialogue with our people and community to share our sustainability performance and strive to improve.




Engine of economic development

We will continue to focus on achieving good financial performance, which will allow us to continue improving our product and becoming the leading paper straw manufacturer in the region.
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